marți, 8 aprilie 2008

Masonic pop art

Black white abstract visual language

The exhibition at the Galeria Posibila of Bucharest

The south american crusader

Sex shop cultural propaganda

spontaneous gantz graf (snapshots)

Southpark mioritic

Diary of a botanist

profesizing the present for those who live in the past (demot take)

fake city landscape (unfinished)

to Charles Camille Saint-Saëns

color conglomerator

avantgarde consumerizm

the national poet (snapshot)

art history (demot take)

expanding consciousness (snapshot)

Midas plugin error on ebay(unfinished)

open 9-22

Christian terrorizm (demo)

The science of kabbalah (demo)

Visual structuralism

And the light sed :let there be the word....

A harware version of Max/msp (demo)

I give myself the birth of me

in memory of sol lewitt

Excerpts from a much larger and continuos succession, the images have been resized