luni, 12 mai 2008

The presizion of being myself


A basic history of art

The science of theology 2

A microscope with a gun, a candle under a glass bell, the eye of god and a candle holder with magnifing glasses instead of candles and 2 editions of the bible

Romanian cyberpunk

I am my own religion

Zeu absolut ,caut adoratori ,promit divinitate, asigur razbunare divina ,nu prestez servicii de providenta. p detalii sunati la 0749464033

Ameecsey Kampingului

...Vrei sa stii cine sunt amicii campingului ?!??! Vino ACUM cu noi :-0 !! George e aici si te va ajuta sa ii cunosti mai bine...

marți, 8 aprilie 2008

Masonic pop art

Black white abstract visual language

The exhibition at the Galeria Posibila of Bucharest

The south american crusader

Sex shop cultural propaganda

spontaneous gantz graf (snapshots)

Southpark mioritic

Diary of a botanist

profesizing the present for those who live in the past (demot take)

fake city landscape (unfinished)

to Charles Camille Saint-Saëns

color conglomerator

avantgarde consumerizm

the national poet (snapshot)

art history (demot take)

expanding consciousness (snapshot)

Midas plugin error on ebay(unfinished)